Our ELiSE – Demonstrator Bionic Bike was developed for the Hannover Trade Show at the beginning of this year. From the 10th to 13th of November 2015 our cycle took a little side trip to Jönköping/Sweden, visiting the ELMIA Subcontractor Trade Show. The frame of the lightweight folding bicycle with 60% weight reduction was manufactured by citim GmbH using SLM.

The leading trade show for subcontractors and manufacturers is a marketplace host, especially interesting for engineers and designers from northern europe and scandinavia and spotlights the latest- and future trends.

As to the beginning of this year at the INTERZUM trade show in collogne, visitors could enjoy our bicycle at a special show area of HAUTE INNOVATION regarding 3D-printing and additive manufacturing. The agency is known for representing innovative materials and technologies. Thus, the exhibits at ELMIA represented the latest developments of material based technologies, bio based solusions and innovative lightweight design concepts such as the Bionic Bike

For more information about our lightweight folding bicycle and ELiSE additive manufacturing solutions please check out the heading AM on this web page or have a look into our booklet ELiSE AM.