10 years “House of Science”

The Bremen public relations regarding science and research celebrate two anniversaries this year, 10 years city of science and 10 years House of Sciencee. On this occasion, Prof. Dr Gerold Weber (Chairman of the House of Science) and Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt (Senator of science, health and consumer protection) introduced the exhibition “Knowledge for the future” at the House of Science on the 29th of September.

The exhibition hosts objects of various research institutes such as Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, City University of Applied Sciences, University of the Arts Bremen and the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, more precisely of the section Bionic Lightweight Design. All exhibitors attached great importance to the interactivity of the exhibits. Besides scientific topics like the biological life in the tideland, visitors can explore the colorful central district of Bremen with its multiple coffee bars and little robot insects react on the visitor’s sources of light.

ELiSE for future

ELiSE contributes the exhibition with three objects and shows the full spectrum of the bionic engineering process. By means of stereo photographs, visitors can dive into the world of plankton organisms and fascinating skeleton structures of diatoms and radiolaria in 3D. Interactively and visual is also the discovery of the Bionic Bike. The folding bicycle was developed by the ELiSE team at the beginning of this year and yet introduced at the Hannover trade show 2015. Developing the 3D printed frame (manufactured by citim GmbH using Selective Laser Melting and an aluminum alloy) diverse developing and optimization methods were used. On a virtual tablet-tour visitors can navigate to significant spots and so getting an idea of the inside, where load optimized lattice structures stiffen the frame. Small texts and pictures of natural archetypes further explain the applied methods of bionic engineering. A 3D printed and downscaled model of the mainframe is lighted from the inside and signals the current spot of discovery. Three designs of particular beautiful radiolaria and diatoms, which were manufactured exclusively for the exhibition by the team owned powder based 3D printer, illustrate the structural aesthetics and equally the advantages of additive manufacturing regarding the manufacturing of complex geometries. For functional parts, the ELiSE team works in cooperation with the manufacturer citim GmbH. This cooperation led to the “Bionic Bike”, a lightweight design folding bicycle with 60% weight reduction, engineered by EliSE and manufactured by citim using SLM.

In cooperation with House of Science we want to invite you until the 23rd of January 2016 to this exhibition in order to discover the world of ELiSE Leichtbau and other innovative Bremen research organizations.

For more information about the exhibition “Wissen für die Zukunft” please see: www.hausderwissenschaft.de