In the last months the nature-inspired hull structure of the 46m sailing yacht EXO has been further optimized and refined by EliSE team member David Leidenfrost in partnership with Claydon Reeves and Dykstra Naval Architects. The new 3D-Model visualizes the major load-carrying truss members, which follow the most advantageous load paths in the yacht hull. All truss members of this interwoven structure network are smoothly connected with each other and represent pure organic forms, which are not usually found in traditional yacht design. Even lifting-keel box and mast

grow smoothly out of the hull, resembling a tree-root structure, and so do both steering consoles on port and starboard side like branches of a tree.

Currently, a 3D-printed model (scale 1:75) of this bionic hull structure concept is displayed at the Monaco Yacht Show (Exhibition stand: Dykstra Naval Architects) from 23rd until 26th of September 2015.