Bionics in a double pack. At the 30th of September, the two day symposium “Industrielle Anwendung der Bionik 2015” starts in Esslingen, southern Germany. The Heading itself promises a diverse spectrum of examples of applied bionics in different industrial sectors. At five sessions in total, experts of automotive, aerospace, process engineering and universities give insight into latest applications and fascinating science. The second day of the symposium starts in the name of bionic optimization processes followed by manufacturing. Needless to say, additive manufacturing cannot be ignored at this point. Daniel Siegel (Head of Application) of the ELiSE team contributes with the lecture “Bionischer Produktentstehungsprozess zur Erzeugung AM-gerechter Leichtbaulösungen” and displays the advantages of the ELiSE process as innovative procedure for the development of additive manufacturing products. The automated structural design of load optimized stiffening elements, in particular lattice structures for additive manufacturing are explained. Of course, the practical relevance should not be left out. Therefore, the process steps, applied optimization methods and product design considering regulations for additive manufacturing can be summed up by the example Bionic Bike, a foldable bicycle developed by the ELiSE team.

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