A successful implementation of your product with additive manufacturing requires a close connection between design and production processes. ELiSE AM reveals the full potential of bionic lightweight structures in conjunction with the emerging additive manufacturing technologies.


We give you the possibility to explore and transfer the powerful complexity of natural lightweight structures into your product. Create and build like nature and make your product line with bionic lightweight designs and additive manufacturing methods more efficient than ever before.

Bionic Algorithms

For an automated transfer of natural constructions methods to technical systems we count on our in-house developed algorithms. We can optimize and improve your product with bionic reinforcements, e.g. load-optimized honeycomb or load-dependent lattice structures.

Material & Production

Due to our long-term expertise in the production-oriented design of AM components and our broad network of manufacturing partners, we have a thorough understanding of AM processes and are able to design your AM product with a high process reliability.

Bionic Bike

We are convinced that a close connection between construction and calculation tools paves the way for better products. Our “Bionic Bike” is the outcome of the entire ELiSE product development process. In the design process established engineering methods were used; amongst others, powerful topology optimizations to reveal critical load paths, parametric optimizations with evolutionary algorithms to find the proper frame geometry with varying cross sections and wall thicknesses, as well as CAO to decrease notch stresses. Furthermore, the integration of adaptive lattice structures ensures an additional reinforcement in highly loaded areas inside the frame. These fine-tunings and the transfer of mechanical principles inspired by lightweight structures of diatom shells led to the development of an outstanding product.