The knowledge of methods and processes in the field of lightweight designs is our core competency. With ELiSE Consulting we would like to support your business with introducing and establishing innovative approaches and procedures in your enterprise.

Feasibility Analysis

Which components or units are suitable for bionic lightweight designs? Which parts exhibit the highest lightweight design potential? Where can alternative production methods or material changeovers cut costs effectively? We help you to find the right answers to your questions.

Methods & Procedures

We can advise you on applications of various CAE-software solutions. Our knowhow stretches from interpreting topology optimization results to automated couplings of all common CAD and FEA-tools as well as inter-divisional process designs.


We offer you profound knowhow for bionic lightweight designs in the framework of this unique product development process. Tools for developing and optimizing technical components are applied in theory and praxis in order to utilize the acquired skills directly on your own product.